Guys, looking after your beard is more than just keeping it trimmed.

It's about using the right stuff to keep it soft, healthy, and looking its best.

Why Our Natural Oils Are The Secret To A Great Beard.

three beard and body oils on a natural rocky backdrop

Crafted from Nature

Our oils for your beard are made with ingredients like Coconut MCT, Argan, and Jojoba Oils. With every drop, you're giving your beard vitamins straight from Mother Nature.

Hand-Made with Care

We make these right here, in the USA, in small groups so each bottle is perfect. Our oils are pure, simple, and get the job done.

A portrait image of the co-founders of STLR Soap Co.

Help Out a Bigger Cause

Buying our oils means you're helping veterans everywhere. It's our way of saying thanks while also taking care of your beard.

Smells That Just Feel Natural

Scents that take you right to the big forests and open fields, like the tree-like Cedar or fresh Citrus, each oil is like a short walk in the wild.

For the Subtle, the Bold, and the Proud

Whether you’re just starting to grow your beard or have been sporting one for years, our natural beard oils are tailored for you.

Get ready to look great with oils that leave your beard soft and strong.

Your face will thank you, and you'll feel the change that a little natural care can bring.