Are you tired of watching your soap melt away faster than you can say "holy suds"?

Our handmade soap is made with natural oils!

At STLR, we create handmade soap with natural oils that'll make you feel like a badass every time you lather up. But here's the deal – our soap needs some love and care to stay in top-notch condition because:

Our soap doesn't contain any chemical hardeners!

To solve this mystery, we conducted an experiment that would make any scientist jealous. We took three of our kickass soap bars and subjected them to a month-long showering experiment: flat on the shelf, on a wire shower caddy, and standing upright on the shelf.

The results blew our minds! The flat-on-the-shelf bar started losing its form within a week, quickly dissolving into oblivion. The wire shower caddy proved its worth. It kept that soap bar going strong for three times longer than the shelf soap. The caddy soap also outlasted the shelf-standing soap by a staggering one-third!

The secret to soap preservation? The shower caddy. 

And here's the best part: Our findings aren't just limited to STLR soap; they're like universal truth for all handmade soaps out there.

If you want your soap to last longer than your last adventure, then proper usage and storage, combined with a shower caddy, are your ticket to success.

Ready to unleash your inner badass and start enjoying long-lasting soap? Say hello to our subscription options, where you get to be a soap connoisseur while saving some cash. Every bar is up for grabs at a sweet discount. Live life, my friend – the STLR way.